House No.19, Ambikagiri Nagar, Milan Path, R.G.Barua Road, Guwahati - 781 024 Assam.
Email:- pbslroghy@gmail.com

Company Profile

Prag Bosimi Synthetics Limited (PBSL) is the largest Joint Sector Company and only industrial venture of public – private initiative in the entire North East India promoted by the Government of Assam through Assam Industrial Development Corporation Limited (AIDC) and Mr. H. B. Vyas Group. It is the first major project that has come up in the North East outside Public Sector since Independence. PBSL is the only plant of its kind and the largest Industrial venture in the entire North East region which has been given a Pioneer Status. PBSL is the only Polyester Yarn project in the entire North East. This grass root project was envisaged to be the catalyst for rapid development of textile and handloom related industries in Assam.

PBSL manufactures Polyester Filament Yarn (Texturised, Dyed, Dope Dyed) Polyester Partially Oriented Yarn (POY) at an existing capacity of 36,000 tons per annum at its plant in Sipajhar near Guwahati, Assam which can be increased to 45,000 tons per annum by de-bottlenecking. A downstream Yarn processing unit has also been/being installed with texturising, draw twisting, up-twisting, hank dyeing facilities etc. The company's main product POY is manufactured from petrochemical feed stock which can be either PTA (Purified Terephthalic Acid) or DMT (Di-Methyl Terepthalate). PBSL's plant has been designed to use both PTA and DMT as Raw Material (dual feed capacity).

Plant has a dedicated 132 KVA Power Line, which can supply power for all the present power needs.

PBSL has its own packaging unit, comprising of Corrugated Carton manufacturing plant, Paper Tube manufacturing plant and all Plastic Packaging accessories manufacturing plant. This makes PBSL independent for these essential items.

The industry is experiencing a healthy growth of more than 10% on YOY basis for last several years. Technology Upgradation Fund Policy of the Government of India has been widely appreciated and accepted. The Acid Test for industrialization in north east is the success of PBSL.

PBSL is committed for catalyzing industrial growth in Assam by providing the impetus and foundation for downstream, ancillary and related industries which will boost employment and entrepreneurship. Our actions will always optimize the interest of all stakeholders viz. shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and society at large.